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Uganda Luxury Gorilla Trekking Safari Tours, Trips, Travel & Vacations

Uganda Luxury Gorilla Trekking Safari Tours, Trips, Travel & Vacations

Uganda Luxury Gorilla Trekking Safari Tours, Trips, Travel & Vacations, Uganda is remarkably known as the Pearl of Africa. And this is evidenced through the stunning Natural and Wildlife beauty it possesses. A small country located in the East African region. And it boosts of rare Natural beauty from the Mountains of the Moon down to its Beautiful people. Uganda boosts of rich and diverse flora and fauna which ranks it one of the Top Tourism destinations in the World. You will be amazed by the different mammal species. Such as  the Unique Tree climbing lions, Africa’s Big 5 mammals, African elephants, Buffaloes, Antelopes, Impalas, Zebras, Giraffes to mention but a few. Uganda is also home to the World’s remaining population of the Mountain Gorillas. And if you want to see Paradise, look no further than visiting “Uganda the Pearl of Africa.”

National Parks and Wildlife reserves

With several National Parks and Wildlife reserves, you can engage in various activities for example Gorilla Trekking. Which is done in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks found in the Southwestern region of Uganda. These parks offer an Ultimate Experience with the Mountain Gorillas in that you will get to watch these Magnificent Creature up close and spend some memorable moments in their presence. You can as well engage in a Gorilla Habituation experience. Which enables visitors to spend a maximum of 4 hours in the presence of these Gentle Giants while studying their movements. Behaviors and how they go about their day to day life including taking care of their young ones.

Chimpanzee Tracking

One of the activities not to be left out on your Ugandan Adventure Safari. During this activity, you get to spend 1 full hour in the presence of Chimpanzees. With whom we share 98.8% of human DNA. Chimpanzees are easier to track since they are noisy. And traced while following their sounds.

Game drives

You can also participate in Game drives. Which offer great opportunities for Wildlife viewing as well as Photography. In Uganda, Game drives can be done in National parks like Murchison Falls National Park the largest Park in Uganda located in the Northwestern region of Uganda. Kidepo Valley National Park also known as “The True African Wilderness” located in the Northeastern region of Uganda. Lake Mburo National Park in the Southwestern region of Uganda and the nearest National Park to Uganda’s Capital “Kampala”. As well as Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Boat Cruises

Done in Murchison Falls National Park on the Nile River Upstream to the Bottom of the fall and Downstream to the Delta. Queen Elizabeth is also another place to do a boat cruise. And it is done on the Kazinga Channel which separates Lake Edward and Lake George. Lake Mburo National Park Also Lake Bunyonyi also offer an opportunity to go on a Boat ride. To watch various species of mammals and also birds.

Birding in Uganda

One of the reasons why most Tourists visit Uganda, Uganda is indeed a True Birder’s Haven. Since it offers great birding opportunities including an opportunity to see the rare shoebill stork. You can do birding in all the National Parks of Uganda. Which are Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Semuliki National Park. Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Kibale Forest National Park and also Mount Elgon National Park.

Unique Cultures

Uganda also boosts of hospitable people and Unique Cultures. For example the Karamojong culture, Acholi Culture, Buganda culture, the Indigenous Batwa Community among many others. You will surely be amazed by Uganda’s Cultural Heritage. Which will give you the True Definition of an African Culture.