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Batwa Community Experience in Bwindi

Batwa Community Experience in Bwindi

The Batwa Community Experience in Bwindi are one of the most ancient inhabitants. Of the inter-lacustrine region of the Virunga volcanoes.  However, The Batwa have lived in this region for centuries. And their way of life shaped by the lush forests and the wildlife surrounding them. The Batwa a pygmy tribe easily distinguished by their short stature and paler and also more bronzed in complexion.

For several years before Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park gazetted as a National park, a home to the Batwa Pygmies.  Referred to as the original inhabitants and keepers of this tropical rainforest. After the forest garzetted as a National Park in 1993, the Batwa expelled from there. This changed their lives making their lives endangered since they had no land outside the forest and used to life inside the forest.  After their eviction, they became landless, poor and faced several social challenges. Due to segregation from other locals who up-to-date find their beliefs, culture and stature to be unfitting. Many of these Batwa died during the early years of exile and their tribe threatened to extinction.

Traditionally, the Batwa lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle moving from one camp ground of flimsy leaf huts to another since food became scarce locally or upon the death of a community member. Skilled hunters and gatherers, their way of life revolved around the forest and its resources. The lifestyle of the Batwa is based around hunting. A team effort by the male members of the Batwa community usually using nets and poisoned arrows.

In recent years, the Batwa faced many challenges including being displaced from their ancestral lands. And losing access to their traditional hunting and gathering grounds. As a result, many Batwa communities  marginalized and struggled to survive.

A Cultural experience with this remote tribe will leave you in awe of forgotten African tribes. The Batwa are an interesting group of people whose way of life is quite out of the Ordinary. While visiting the Batwa, you will get to learn a lot about their way of life and history. This is a very special experience for the Batwa people.

Through storytelling, exciting cultural dances and thrilling folk songs, you will get a chance to have an authentic cultural experience. With these people as they show you how they used to hunt and gather food from the forest and also get to know how they lived and survived in the forest for all those years.

The Batwa Community Experience starts from the Batwa Craft shop and office which is located in Buhoma trading center. A few meters from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park gate. It’s from here that your guide will take you to the starting point and then back after the activity.  The hike to the Batwa pygmies’ local village situated up a steep hill. Where you will meet them and interact with the community pygmies. Once you reach their village, you will be welcomed with an “open big smile.”

During your visit to the Batwa, you will have the opportunity to see how the Batwa people lived in huts made of grass and small trees. Visitors will learn about the communal living arrangements where up to 20 people would share a small room in order to maintain their body temperature during the night, cold weather or rainy days. Visitors will also enjoy the cultural norms, dances and how the Batwa make fire using two sticks. The Batwa will as well demonstrate how they gathered wild honey and edible plants to supplement their meat-based diet. The Batwa trail is a very wonderful experience which you can add on your gorilla safari to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

The Experience offers visitors a rare opportunity to interact with this marginalized community and learn about their rich cultural heritage. Visitors can connect with the Batwa people by asking questions in order to understand their ways of life more. The experience is also a chance to learn about the Batwa’s struggles and how they have adapted to changing circumstances over time.

The Batwa Community Experience not only provides economic opportunities for the Batwa people but also helps to promote their cultural heritage and also raise awareness about their plight. The experience is an excellent way to support sustainable tourism and ensure that the Batwa people’s culture is preserved for future generations.