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Culture and Community Encounters in Rwanda

Culture and Community Encounters in Rwanda

Culture and Community Encounters in Rwanda, Rwanda’s Beauty also reflected in its warm and welcoming people as they receive visitors into the Country. Ranging from the hosts, cooks and guides despite of their limited spoken English, they will always do their best to ensure that travelers enjoy their stay. The hosts in Rwandan Communities are always hospitable and eager to hear about life in other parts of the World therefore, they will definitely interact with travelers as they tell their legends over a cup of coffee.

A Cultural Safari to Rwanda will not only stop on appreciating the village life but also taking part in Traditional activities and enjoying a variety of wildlife, historical sites, beautiful scenery and adventures. As travelers enjoy the activities it is really amazing that the locals benefit directly from it. The Local people participate in preparing food, guiding, performing traditional music, dance and drama hence benefiting them to improve their standards of living.

Riveting Traditions and Hospitality of the people are still as strong as ever. Any Tourist who explores the cultures of this breathtaking Country will concur that they are extraordinary and worth exploring during your Rwanda Safari. A destination with happy and welcoming people will always make you feel at home and interestingly, Rwandans are always willing to welcome you into their lives and introduce you to their interesting traditions.

To experience an authentic and typical Rwandan inspirational beauty, you should visit the remote villages such as reconciliation villages around Bugesera district, a village walk in Ruhengeri or Ethnobotany Tours in Musanze. Any adventure in these villages by Tourists benefits the community directly as a unique way of having a social enterprise.

Some of the Culture and Community Encounters in Rwanda include;

Ubumwe Community Encounters

The Community-visitor interaction in Rwanda  best done at Ubumwe Community. The Ubumwe Center accommodates Adults with disabilities together with their children. A place where children  given an option of Education, this enables them to learn skills, work and also be able to live independently. The Community also helps over 130 children and adults with guidance and counseling, primary education, vocational training and workshop employment. It also offers a safe, inspiring and nurturing atmosphere for both healthy and disabled local children. While on your Rwanda Safari, you can also engage in educational visits with some practical work with the adults and children.


Gorilla Guardians Village

Also known as the Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village, this is arguably the most visited Cultural site in Rwanda, thanks to its close proximity to the Mountain Gorillas. This Cultural site found in Musanze district and founded by a former warden of the Volcanoes National Park. He wanted to build a cultural center that would offer employment to former poachers while also showing tourists everything good about the local people’s culture. You will have an opportunity to encounter the 8 distinct dances including the popular Intore dance, explore how to drum in Rwandan style or visit traditional healer’s place and as well visit the Batwa in Rwanda.


Nyange Community Walk

The walk through Nyange Community allows you to explore most of the ongoing aspects of Rwanda’s village life. You will be accompanied by socola guide who will take through the Nyange community. There are various community activities that are provided in Nyange and some of them include; banana beer brewing, the local iron smith, weaving and Carpentry work. A visit to this community allows Tourists to explore the Rwandan Tradition especially food preparation and also taste their traditional dish. On your way, you will see various tree nursery beds, health clinics, a socola village and Twa village which will welcome you with melodious music and dances.


Humure Refugee Village Tour

The Humure Refugee Village Tour takes you through a local cooperative visit where you will learn about their cooking and dancing skills. You can as well visit the Imigongo Art and Craft Centre designed by prince Kakira.

This craft house decorated using cow dung and  usually produced by the women. Dry dung  applied together with colors from the organic materials like, the plants to make white and red paints. The Tour also takes you to the cattle farms where you will engage in milking and also explore the rituals around milk. You will also head to the farmers homes and see the way milk traditionally kept, treated and preserved till it turned into ghee.

The arts and crafts activities will allow you explore the way local artisans will make their products, the Imigongo is the leading Rwanda art and innate to the eastern province that is a family of black smiths exhibiting their talents and the traditional dancers who express Rwanda culture via music and movement.


Kagano Living Village Walk

The Kagano living village walk is a walk that takes you through Kagano village where you will experience the rural Rwandan way of living, through sign and product viewing and also engaging on their daily activities. The walk takes about 2 to 3 hours via undulating local people’s homes, farms, businesses and activities. The Kagano living village walk also gives you opportunity to explore the Rwandan life in depth, how they behave, what they grow and eat, socialize and the way they work and spend their social time. There are local guides who help to translate for you some of the activities as you walk through the village.


The Kings Palace in Nyanza

This impressive palace is located in Nyanza, about 88km away from Kigali. Before and During Colonialism, Rwanda had one king as a Cultural head. The Kings often had to deal with the challenge of pleasing the Tutsi and the Hutus. Later, the Kingdom was abolished entirely with the last king exiled. A modern palace was later constructed for King Mutara III by the Belgium government in 1931. Mutara was the last ruling King before Kingdoms were abolished, his successor didn’t really have power and was exiled in the United States. Then the Palace was then turned into a museum by the government.


Kitabi Cultural Center

The Kitabi Cultural Center also found in Nyungwe Forest National Park, right at the main entrance. It is one of the most visited cultural attractions in Rwanda and a favorite stopover for Tourists visiting Nyungwe Forest National Park for Chimpanzee Trekking. The Cultural Center consists of several traditional huts and the King’s palace with guards. Everyone is dressed in striking traditional robes, cheerful and ready to ensure that you enjoy your time while there. A Guide will take you to see the local women making traditional baskets, beads and other souvenir for sale.