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The Equator

The Equator

The Equator is an imaginary line that bisects the Earth into two equal parts. Uganda, also known as the Pearl of Africa. One of the lucky Countries to be intersected by this line. The Equator crosses 14 countries and their territorial waters with 7 of them located in Africa. In Uganda, it crosses along the Kampala-Masaka road approximately 73km from the capital city.

This equatorial line spans over 40,000 km with 78.7% of it crossing over waters and 21.3% over land. It holds a latitude of 0° making it the only line that forms a great circle due to the equal pull of magnetic fields from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

The African Countries lucky enough to be crossed by the Equator. Include; Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, Sao Tome and Principe.

While standing at the equator, one can witness a unique phenomenon. When water is poured into a funnel, it flows clockwise in the Northern hemisphere. And counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere. However, at the equator, it flows straight due to the Coriolis Effect of the magnetic field.

For Tourists going on a Wildlife Safari in the Great Lakes region of Uganda, a stopover at the equator provides a great opportunity for Tourists to witness this experience. Take memorable pictures and also a chance to purchase handcrafted souvenirs.

Many areas near the equator experience persistent rainfall throughout the year whereas others have distinct dry and rainy seasons. During rainy seasons, temperatures at the Equator tend to drop, in addition, gravity at the equator is 0.5% less. This means that objects weigh slightly less there due to the Earth’s flattened shape at the poles.

Access to the Equator

The Ugandan equator can be accessed via the Kampala-Masaka road about 72km from the City or in Kasese which is about 420km Southwest of Kampala.

Visiting the Ugandan equator offers a unique opportunity to straddle the Northern and Southern hemispheres. It’s a once in a lifetime experience while exploring western Uganda. At Uganda’s equator crossing points, Travellers have the distinct privilege of straddling both hemispheres simultaneously.


Where is Uganda Equator and Crossing Points?

With 3 different equator crossing points accessible from various regions, reaching these 3 points is a straightforward and engaging endeavor. This, in addition to many other unique experiences in the country, strengthens Uganda’s status as the “Pearl of Africa.” Right from Gorilla Tours and Chimpanzee Tracking, to wildlife safaris and hiking Africa’s 3rd highest peak, a visit to the equator adds another thrilling adventure to your itinerary.

There are 3 different  crossing points you can meet from different places and they include;

Kayabwe  Crossing Point

Kayabwe is strategically located on the most popular route of adventures to several national parks in Western Uganda. The Kayabwe equator is situated in Mpigi district about 72km from Kampala city along Masaka – Kampala road. This line has become the top stopover en-route to Western Uganda in particular for picture moments, also, you can buy yourself an African crafted souvenir.  You can stopover on your trip to either Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks for Gorilla Trekking and also wildlife safaris to Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo National Park or Mt. Rwenzori National Parks.

There are geographical experiments to witness at the  line and these include; the water experiment which explains how water flows to either sides of the hemispheres and also balancing an egg on a nail.


Queen Elizabeth National Park  Crossing Point

This equator line is situated at Kikorongo village in Kasenyi, the northern sector of the park and it is marked with a structural circular monument. Particularly, this spot is popular to travelers who pass by for a snap capture alongside wildlife encounters at Kasenyi sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park.


Ssese Islands Crossing Point

Ssese Islands Equator Crossing Point is one spot you wouldn’t want to miss on your relaxing beach holiday on Ssese island beaches. Situated in the middle of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest fresh water lake. The beaches here are an exceptionally amazing place for relaxation and sunset views as the sun sinks deep down in the waters. Take advantage of your beach holiday after a strenuous Gorilla Trekking Adventure in Uganda or Rwanda.