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Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha Sector

Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha Sector

The Tree Climbing Lions of Uganda  found in the Southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Ishasha sector. The Tree Climbing Lions are part of the wider lion family, Lions in general help to balance the Eco-system by regulating the population of herbivores animals like the Buffaloes and the several species of antelopes. These Lions also prey on weaker and sick animals hence reducing the spread of diseases and parasites.  Other animals to see while at Ishasha sector include; buffaloes, Topis, elephants, giant forest hogs, hippos and Uganda kobs among others.


Why Lions Climb Trees

Majority of the lions prefer staying on the ground and leave tree climbing for their cubs and other smaller cats like Leopards. The lions in Queen Elizabeth National park have however deviated from the usual behavior and seen lazing around fig trees and acacias in the early afternoon.

Some people believe that it’s a Natural ability for lions to climb trees like all other cats therefore climbing trees should not be a surprise given that they also have sharp claws like all cats.

Lions climb trees in order to have a clear view of their prey since sometimes the grass is taller and makes it impossible to see them.

Some lion researchers believe that the lions climb trees in order to avoid bites from pests and insects like Tsetse flies and mosquitoes that live on the lower ground.

The researchers also believe the lions climb trees to escape the afternoon heat on the ground especially during the dry season, the leaves and tree branches offer a cool breeze and relief from the scorching afternoon sun.

Other researchers believe that lions in Ishasha have adapted this behavior from countless generations of lion prides before them.

By climbing to the top of the fig and acacia trees, the lions  get un-interrupted rest as they also monitor their territories for prey and their competitors like hyenas and leopards.


The best time to visit Ishasha Sector

Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Ishasha sector are open throughout the year to visitors on a Uganda Safari. The months of June, July, August, September, December, January and February are considered to be the dry season, this season is perfect for a safari because the park is less muddy and the lions are much easier to locate. The months of April, May, October and November are the rainy seasons and they are more ideal for bird-watching.


How to get to Ishasha Sector

Ishasha sector reached by road and by air.

By Road, Ishasha is about 5 minutes’ drive from Queen Elizabeth’s Ishasha Entrance gate.

By Air, flights are from Entebbe international airport or Kajansi airstrip to Kihihi airstrip which is the nearest airstrip to Ishasha sector.


Accommodations in Ishasha Sector

There are various accommodations in Ishasha sector and they include;

Ishasha wilderness camp

Ishasha jungle lodge

Enjojo game lodge

Topi Lodge

Ishasha ntungwe river camp

Ishasha pride lodge